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摘要: 高考英语常考重点介词和介词短语off和onoffprep.离开;在...之外adv.表示状态的关闭或离开adj.空闲的;离开的;关闭......
prep.离开;在 ... 之外
break off 打断
carry off 携走带走,赢得
come off 脱落,褪色
cut off 切断,断绝 
fall off 跌落,掉下
get off 脱下(衣服等)  
get off 下车  
give off 散发出

go off 走开;消失;坏了,爆炸,不喜欢


keep off 避开,勿走近 
knock…off 把……撞落  
leave off 中断 
pay off 还清 
put off 延期,推迟
ring off 挂断电话
see off 送行 
set off 出发
show off 炫耀
prep.在 ... 之上;由 ... 支撑着;在(某一天);关于;基于
bring on 使……发展
call on 拜访
carry on 继续,进行
depend on 依靠
feed on 以……为生
have on 穿着  
insist on 坚持 
keep/go on 继续  
live on 以……为生
look on 旁观  
move on 继续移动,往前走  
passon 传授,传递
put on 穿上,戴上,上演 
rely on 依靠
spend…on 在……花钱
take on 雇用,呈现(新面貌等)  
try on试穿
turn(switch) on 打开

WHY do Chinese people love hot pot so much? As the winter months begin to settle in, I find myself wondering what it is about this traditional meal, which has existed for more than 1, 000 years, that makes it a Chinese food favorite. But it seems that the answer lies beyond the dish itself. 
 Hot pot isn’t just designed to keep you warm during the cold months; it’s also a social experience. It’s a “theater” cuisine(菜肴)that turns a meal into an event. There is a lot of fun for everyone to have in adding ingredients to the hot pot. 
Hot pot is eaten over two to three hours. For this reason, it is often considered an evening’s entertainment, and a time to spend with friends and family. However, many Westerners would be put off by the idea of other people sticking chopsticks in their food. When we come to eat at the table in the UK, we tend to have our own individual portions, although the experience is still a social one. 
A similar experience to the hot pot one can be found in Korean barbecue restaurants, which let you cook your own meat. This allows people to have their meat done however they want. 
For most Westerners, the idea of going to a restaurant to cook their own food is bizarre(古怪的). But having given hot pot a go, I find it’s now one of my favorite meals in Beijing. The steam from the pot left my clothes smelling of food when I got home, but perhaps this was also part of the experience. When the chilly(刺骨的)wind is blowing outside, just grab some chopsticks, some good friends, and dig in. For me it’s like throwing a dinner party where my taste buds(味蕾)and my appetite are equally satisfied in the warm company of friends. (315W)
1. According to the author, hot pot is popular in China because   . 
A. it has been developing for over 1, 000 years
B. it involves many unique ingredients
C. it is a fun social experience
D. it keeps people warm in winter and it is creative
2. We can conclude from the article that generally British people   . 
A. prefer a Korean barbecue to Chinese hot pot
B. don’t like sharing food with others
C. find it interesting to cook their own food in restaurants
D. don’t mind the smell of food staying on their clothes after dinner
3. What is the tone of the article? 
A. Serious. B. Longing. C. Humorous. D. Appreciative. 
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